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Grieving was not on my to do list. So, I opted out. I went on about my life as if nothing happened that is until……one day I was overcome with emotions. Denial, guilt, shame, hurt, anger, and pain. You name it, I felt it. I remember how I felt isolated and alone in that cold hospital room with no emotional support as I was losing life….


Hi, I am Ashlee, an ectopic pregnancy survivor and this is my story….


When I lost my baby, my faith was shaken, I had more questions than answers, I felt so alone in a sea of emotions, I felt like I could not trust my body to carry life, and I did not know how to tell my support system to help me.


I know what it is like to have crying moments on the bathroom floor, moments of sadness, and other raw emotions....... 


You didn’t just loose a pregnancy, you lost a child…Grab my hand, I got you.

Ashlee Epps is an author, wife, and mom of two, one is an angel baby. She is also the founder of Ashlee Speaks, LLC and Forever in Heart Pregnancy Loss Support Group.Mommy of an Angel is love in book form. Ashlee shares her story of how she turned her pain into her testimony and wants to share her heart with you. In her book she shows you how to navigate the various stages of grief, and shares tools she used to help her on her healing journey.

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01. I am a FOODIE

I am a self-proclaimed foodie! I absolutely LOVE trying different restaurants and cuisines. But even though I love to try new dishes I can sometimes be a little picky! LOL!

02. Ideal Vacation

My ideal vacation is anywhere in Europe. I have been to Europe a few times and Greece is my favorite country so far. There is so much history there and the food is AMAZING!!

03.  I am a Life-Time Learner

For some reason I cannot stay out of school. I just recently graduated with my third degree. Will I go back to school for another? ....... Probably! LOL


Athens, Greece

Me pointing to the Acropolis

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